Sar-El Programs


The minimum time commitment for a STANDARD Sar-El program is 2 weeks.

The usual program is for 3 weeks. 

Volunteers may stay in the program for a MAXIMUM of 3 months if approved by Sar-El, as long as they have a valid visa & valid insurance.

English language groups start at Ben Gurion airport on Sundays approximately every three weeks. Check with the Toronto or Montreal office for dates or visit the schedule on the Sar-El site

Check with a Sar-El Canada office:
416-781-6089 or 514-735-0272
for information.

Les groupes de langue françaises commençent à l'aéroport Ben Gurion.

Visitez le site Sar-El France

SAR-EL work program includes:

  • FREE accomodation,
  • FREE kosher meals,
  • FREE work uniforms,
  • FREE lectures, and possibly, guided trips,
  • PLUS immense satisfaction for helping Israel.  


Visit the Israeli site for details